Hello again from Yoron! Colin here at Kariyushi reporting on this evening's events. Tonight was a fairly relaxed start to the week, with groups from Kagoshima and Okinawa singing and dancing along with us. Half of the band caught a cold over the weekend but everyone put up with the sniffles and it was a good show. At the end of the night we had to pack everything up because we have a concert on the beach tomorrow evening for a large group of school students from Kawasaki. It's going to be hot!!!
See you again soon I hope!

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Hello again everybody! Colin here again reporting on the night's events in the Kariyushi Bar here on the paradise island of Yoron. Recently I've invited to play bass guitar with the Kariyushi band so I'm practising as hard as I can so I won't embarrass everyone else in the band. Also a young drummer called Takashi has been playing with the band this week. I guess we're not as tight as we should be yet, but it'll come with time. Tonight there were family groups from Nagoya, Sapporo and Hiroshima, and also a rather merry group from the next island, Okinoerabu. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show, though it might have been too much for the 2 year old boy from Hiroshima, who was looking pretty tired by the end.
I hope to see you here soon,
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